wax melts safe around dogs

Are wax melts safe around dogs?

I love my dogs. And I want to make sure my Wax Melts are safe for them.

Obviously there are certain safety precautions to take, such as not leaving them lying around. Some wax melts may smell good enough to eat but really aren't!

And there's always going to be a curious little nose sniffing around the wax burner, so make sure they're out of reach.

The same goes for humans, so if you’ve got a little one in the house, keep your burner and wax melts out of reach. It’s important to remember that any kind of wax melt can trigger respiratory or allergic reactions in humans and pets, so always use them in a well-ventilated area and test a small dose at first if you or your dog is prone to allergies.


My eldest dog, Princess, suffers with a lot of skin allergies, so I'm always careful to keep her away from my making room as much as possible. However, I'm happy to say that so far she hasn't shown any reactions to my wax melts.

All my wax melts have CLP labels on them, this lists the main ingredients, including allergens. if you do notice that a particular scent seems to have an adverse effect on anyone in the household, make a note of the allergens or keep the label safe. Then if it happens again you can see if there are any patterns, and learn which ingredients to avoid in future.

And my wax melts use synthetic fragrance oils, which are usually safe around dogs. Be careful to avoid using wax melts containing essential oils. They may sound like a more natural option but they can be more harmful to pets.


And finally, much as we love our pets, they can be a bit whiffy! My Puppy Love wax melts are similar to a famous pet odour neutraliser, and help banish dog odours throughout your home.

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