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Enjoy your favourite fragrance with my Perfume Wax Melt Collection

This week, it's all about Perfume Wax Melts!


Why is perfume so important?

Humans have been using fragrance to adorn our bodies for thousands of years. Why? Well, because they make us smell and feel amazing. Smell is such a powerful scent, it evokes memories better than images or sound.

Perfume was once seen as just a luxury item. Nowadays we believe perfume is a necessity. We believe fragrance is an integral part of our wardrobe and our identity.

Once you find your favourite perfume, the one that makes you feel so good when you spray it, you feel like you truly become yourself.

Why use perfume wax melts?

As the day goes on, we become nose-blind to the perfume we are wearing. So why not fill your home with your favourite scent with my perfume wax melts, and feel like YOU all day!

My favourite perfume is Chanel's Mademoiselle. Every now and then I'll try a new scent, but I always go back to my favourite.

What's your favourite perfume? The one you return to time and time again because nothing else makes you feel complete?

Browse my Perfume Inspired Wax Melt Collection, do I have your favourite?

Let me know in the comments!

Emma x



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Hi Paula – the purple melt is Alien – its gorgeous isn’t it! You can buy it here

Emma Mawhinney

hi love you melts. my favourite in the box of purfume collection is the purple colour. can you tell what one this is and do you sell the separately. thanks ?

miss paula a tyler

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