laundry wax melts

Where does the week go?

Is it really only Tuesday? I'm sure this house was clean at some point over the weekend. How does it already look like a bomb's gone off?

And how can one family generate so much stuff? The thought of moving house in a few weeks is terrifying me when I can't even keep on top of the day-to-day stuff.

So tomorrow is a designated cleaning day. I'm not even going in to the Wax Lab (what my kids call my workroom). Not picking up my phone (ok well that's not going to happen but I can pretend 😂).

And the first job? Put on a really fresh, clean scented wax melt. If the house smells clean, it feels like I'm half way there. My go-to is Fresh Unstoppables Wax Melt - a really clean laundry scent that banishes all those nasty children and dog smells. (The children aren't really nasty - but the mess they leave behind is!)

What's your favourite scent to freshen up the home? Hit reply and let me know. I'm always looking to add new scents to the collection.

Anyway, wish me luck (and someone please hide my phone 😂).

Have a great week,

Emma x

P.S. Check out my Clean & Fresh collection to get you started x

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