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Where we started.......

Hello! If you’re reading this thank you for your interest in Chandlers Wax Melts. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Emma, I live with my partner Stephen, and we have three children, three dogs and a cat. We have our own shop, Aintree DIY, in Bootle, Liverpool, UK. We sell everything you need for home and garden. But how does that lead to wax melts?

We sell a lot of products for the home, including cleaning products, air fresheners etc. But customers kept asking for wax melts, and I’ll admit I didn’t know what they were. 

So back in 2020 I started to look in to wax melts and ordered some from different vendors I found online. Straight away I saw a huge variance in quality and price. Some were amazing, and I quickly fell in love with melts. But some left me seriously underwhelmed. I eventually found a really good wholesaler and we started stocking wax melts in the shop. They sold really well, and we added room sprays and carpet fresheners.

My customers love them, but the more I used the products myself, the more I felt like there was huge scope to improve the quality and range. I started researching the process behind making them, and got really excited at the prospect of creating our own brand of high quality melts.

So I took a candle making course, arranged insurance, and ordered all the equipment I needed to start making. I fully expected the first batches to come out terrible but they were really good. I carried on making, testing and adapting my process until it was perfect. Now I look at my melts and I’m so proud of how far we’ve come.

We constantly strive to improve our range and produce beautifully finished, luxury soy wax melts that are strong and long lasting. Our customers love our products, and we are rated Excellent on Trustpilot as well as 5 Stars on Google and Facebook.

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  • Hi Emma. I Received parcel this morning wax melt burner an wax melt and thank you for the extra with burner. Looking forward to melting.🥰xx

    Shirley meechan

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